Acne No More Scam – The reasons for the occurrence of acne

Clogging the pores of the skin: the  work of dead skin cells and make-up residue and dust and other environmental contaminants that we are exposed to other clogged pores of the skin, which does not allow the cells to breathe and collect oily secretions and not let it leak appears grains.  Excess fat on the skin:

There are many factors that affect the sebaceous glands of the skin and increase the fatty secretions in the case of obstruction pores of the skin secretions accumulate these fatty acids into the skin, causing inflammation and a suitable environment for the multiplication of bacteria and microbes that result in acne.

Bacteria: Some microbes live naturally on the skin surface which coexist with humans and do not cause him trouble in the habit. But when given the circumstances of these microbes through skin contamination, and the presence of wound, the vulnerability of the skin, or any malfunction with what they are moving toward growth and reproduction. These bacteria are essential – and not only – in the blisters acne where you find excess fatty secretions of an appropriate environment for growth and reproduction. Irritation and inflammation of the skin: when a bacterium feeds on excess fatty secretions they produce some of the inflammatory substances that increase the skin irritation Acne No More Scam

These infections cause acne if they are not treated, they cause skin scars caused by acne. Genetic factors: it was observed in many cases that the infected acne descended from parents who had been wounded, one or both of the disease, as noted the existence of a special ready for the disease in some families and heredity play a key role as some people willing to increase the discharge of fat as a result of genetic factors increase the activity of the sebaceous glands, so note the frequency of acne among members of families with oily skin. Motivating factors to acne: Hormonal during / after puberty (the most common). Acne occurs and becomes worse with the existence of other cases, including hormonal changes, including:

A – during the week before menstruation, in many cases increasing cases of acne unit: With the beginning of the menstrual cycle and sometimes show a grain or more preceding the menstrual cycle or shortly accompanied by the reason for this is due to the effect of hormones, and that the imbalance of sex hormones, as well as taking medication works to increase the level of hormones that have the nature of a male.


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